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  • Areas of Practice

    Anyone can initiate patient care for a patient-centered, integrative, systems approach to achieving optimal wellness. Dr. Sexton provides a novel model of assessment based on endocannabinoid system function. The endocannabinoid system has been described as one that produces "messages" modulating activities such as pain, hunger and metabolism, sleeping, adapting to stress, the ability to store and recall memories or to abolish negative ones, and to protect the body from chronic infection or inflammation. There are many strategies for addressing what could be considered endocannabinoid deficiency or excess. Through a "functional" approach, systems are addressed by seeking to treat the root cause of disease.


    Dr. Sexton sees patients on referral for education on utilizing medical cannabis for chronic conditions. Guidance is based on the latest peer-reviewed science-based research on the topic of medical cannabis. This education is woven into a complete naturopathic approach, recognizing that each system in the body is interconnected. This approach is


    The intention of Naturopathic medicine is to shift the focus to body, mind and spirit wellness, instead of just treating symptoms. This shift is achieved by using natural substances to balance the biochemistry and stimulate the body's ability to heal. Further, Dr. Sexton uses this approach to help minimize or eliminate pharmaceutical medications.


    Who can benefit from Naturopathic Medicine?

    • Those who want to improve quality of life
    • Anyone wanting to be free from reliance on pharmaceutical drugs
    • Active players in creating their own healing process
    • Those who want to address underlying causes, and not just treat symptoms
    • Patients who want to be an egalitarian partner is making the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to create wellness.


    Help for digestive and gastrointestinal problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn's Disease, nausea, indigestion. Metabolic syndrome, a precursor to diabetes, is controllable by treating endocannabinoid system function.


    Balancing biochemistry and hormones for restful nights and peaceful days: approaches for difficulty falling, or staying, asleep.


    Guidance on restoring stress resiliency that is disrupted by daily or acute stress. Anxiety and depression are often symptoms of chronic stress, and endocannabinoid function is associated with the ability to adapt to stress


    Strategies for protecting the brain and improving cognitive function. Treating neuro-Inflammation is a key component for optimal brain function. The endocannabinoid system is a gate-keeper of the immune system. Being able to extinguish traumatic memories is also an endocannabinoid function.


    Integrative approaches for addressing autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, psoriasis, and lupus are examples of the immune system being out of homeostatic control. Botanical medicines are a safe approach for treating these conditions.

    A Different Type of Perfect

    Perspectives for bringing wellness, quality of life and joy to families living with autism spectrum, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, PANS and PANDAS and genetic disorders.

    Women's Health

    Dr. Sexton has been serving women, first as a midwife, since 1993. Having navigated the range of womens' experiences herself, and having treating many women, she is uniquely poised to address the lifespan for women. The endocannabinoid system functions in reproductive tissues plays roles in hormonal balance as well as mental health. Natural approaches for specific women's needs are central to Dr. Sexton's care.

  • Dr. Michelle Sexton

    Meet the Doctor

    Michelle Sexton ND specializes in body/mind healing. This healing proces is facilitated by balancing the "evidence base" of research with unearthing the root cause of "dis-ease". Dr. Sexton has been helping her patients fine-tune their endocannabinoid systems since 2008 . Her approach is backed by six years of formal study of cannabinoid pharmacology in addition to her Naturopathic Doctoral degree awarded from a 4-year accredited institution, Bastyr University.

    The overall approach includes:

    • Herbs
    • Nutrition
    • Lifestyle changes
    • Self-discovery 
    • Care and feeding of the Soul

    Her philosophy is that personal empowerment, renewing connection to nature, and teamwork with her patients are all central to enhancing quality of life .

    Dr. Sexton graduated from Bastyr University in 2008. She completed NIH-funded pre-doctoral (T32) and post doctoral fellowships (F32) at The University of Washington in​ the Departments of Pharmacology and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. There she examined the effects of Cannabis on immune parameters in patients with Multiple Sclerosis. She is an internationally recognized scientist with research published in peer-reviewed journals. Recent projects include documenting the natural history of administration of Cannabis to pediatric patients and a Cannabis Use survey.

    If you are looking for a cannabis recommendation, you can contact Hello MD and once you have the paperwork, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sexton for professional guidance.




    Cannabis As A substitute for Prescription Drugs

    The use of medical cannabis is increasing, most commonly for pain, anxiety and

    depression. Emerging data suggest that use and abuse of prescription drugs may be decreasing

    in states where medical cannabis is legal.

    In this survey, 46% of respondents reported using cannabis as a substitute for prescription

    drugs. The most common classes of drugs substituted were narcotics/opioids (35.8%),

    anxiolytics/benzodiazepines (13.6%) and antidepressants (12.7%).

    American Herbal Pharmacopoeia

    Dr. Sexton has a peer-reviewed publication on the topic of cannabis use as substitution for prescription drugs.

    Not only "patients", but also adult users, substitute cannabis for pain medications, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs, among others. Women are substituting 4x more often than men. There are also gender differences in the response to cannabis. Schedule with Dr. Sexton to learn more about a personalized approach to your health and for professional help with withdrawing from prescription medications.


    "Cannabis as a Substitute for Prescribed Pain Medications: Theory and Clinical Practice" is a talk Dr. Sexton gave in June 2017 in Melbourne Australia at the United in Compassion Conference.



    Vape-pens may not be the best choice for patients, when accessing medical cannabis. One reason is that pesticides may be concentrated along with cannabinoids and terpenoids. Another reason is that "excipients", added ingredients to make the concentrates pourable, could be harmful to health. Third, the "name" of the chemotype may not really describe what is in a vape pen cartridge. Processing can significantly change the chemical components, as described in this report by Dr. Sexton and her team: "Evaluation of Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Content: Cannabis Flower Compared to Supercritical CO2 Concentrate"

    Dr. Sexton is a technical advisor and editor on the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia Cannabis Monograph and Therapeutic Compendium.

    Cannabis Use Survey - Michelle Sexton ND

    Dr. Sexton's published research on the ongoing "Cannabis Use Survey" can be found at these links:


    "A Cross-Sectional Survey of Medical Cannabis Users: Patterns of Use and Perceived Efficacy"


    "Sex Differences in Cannabis Use and Effects: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Cannabis Users"


    You can purchase Dr. Sexton's Book "Cannabis Use Survey" through Amazon. This book contains the raw survey data: uncensored and unedited responses of cannabis users. Readers can experience the full impact of the frustration or appreciation of users, while also getting a feel for the education and life experience of cannabis users at large.

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